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    Successful financial aid processing is challenging and requires a significant amount of resources to administer compliantly, and in a timely manner. At FA Solutions, making the financial aid process easier to navigate and understand is our passion.

    We realize that any delay in processing or posting of information to student accounts can jeopardize a successful enrollment so, we work diligently to make the process as efficient and seamless as possible.

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    Our Mission

    At FA Solutions, we are professionals who aim to build relationships with the colleges we serve and work as a partner of each of them. Some Colleges outsource most of the duties of the financial aid department, while others have qualified in-house talent, just not enough of them to fully administer financial aid and completely support the customer service aspect of the office. For these situations, FA Solutions can offer supportive services only, such as packaging, verification, or student engagement and advising through incoming and outgoing phone and email communications.
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    We become the financial aid department extension of your school by providing the following:

    We become the financial aid department extension of your school by providing the following:

    Our leadership team has an average of 20 plus years of experience specific to higher education financial aid administration. The depth of experience of this team includes, but is not limited to, the following types of institutions:

    • For profit
    • Not for profit
    • Faith-based
    • Online colleges
    • Career and technical schools
    • State university systems
    • Community colleges

    We also have significant experience in processing various calendars including:

    • Standard term (SAY)
    • Non-standard term
    • Non-term (credit and clock hour)

    Many schools come to us because of our prompt response and real time engagement with our team throughout every business day. FA Solutions responds to inquiries from our school partners through phone calls, instant messaging, email, and even video chatting when necessary. Our goal is to make you feel that we’re in the office just next-door, and we’re good at it. If you need us to come to your school for a special event or audit, that can be arranged as well.

    An online portal for those schools that do not have their own financial aid module and opt to use FA Solution’s financial aid software, provided by Regent Education, allows students to have real time access to their financial aid information. Students can view a list of missing documentation and upload them securely to the portal. They can also view their financial aid awards and accept, reduce, or decline them.
    Although we are highly experienced and resourced, by nature, we operate as a boutique provider of third party servicing, and we’re nimble enough to accommodate even the most unique programs and schools. We understand that not all schools are exactly the same and that flexibility is a must.

    We understand the need for timely financial aid processing and we commit to a 72-business hour turn-around time (or less) once all documentation is received. Verification of course, is a bit more complex due to the need to collect and review additional documentation, however the document collection process can be expedited by also engaging with our Student Experience Center (SEC)

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