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    FA Solutions’ Financial Aid and Student Services professionals provide quick response to student inquiries. When students call or email with questions about their financial aid status, they are looking for an immediate response. However, with the workload faced in many financial aid departments, and the multiple hats the typical financial aid staff have to wear, quick responses come at a cost.

    Often, financial aid staff is heavily burdened with packaging and verifying of student files, and every time they stop to take a phone call or return an email, they fall further behind with processing. This can be a never-ending circle causing more students to call and email about their aid status, which causes more delays, frustration, and so on.

    Announcing the FA Solutions’ Student Experience Center (SEC). A student support team highly experienced in financial aid, student accounts, admissions, and retention outreach efforts, the mission of the SEC team is to empower financial aid and admissions staff to focus on the critical aspects of their departments such as the timely completion of financial aid packages, awards, and verification. The student experience center team does this by minimizing interruptions of student inquiries via phone and email by being the first line contact for most of these inquiries.

    The SEC team mirrors the culture of our school partners to provide seamless and comprehensive engagement support for prospective and enrolled students. By partnering with the FA Solutions Student Experience Center, schools can provide proactive student support that is critical to delivering an overall, exceptional student experience. The SEC proactively reaches out to students to notify them of missing documents, or items that may impede the receipt of financial aid funds. The SEC also quickly responds to student inquiries whether by phone or email, preventing repeat inquiries and unnecessary office visits that typically result in long lines and disgruntled students.

    The SEC Professionals Can Be Engaged For Any Or All Of The Following Services:

    • Inbound and outbound phone calls and emails with the students concerning financial aid, student admissions, and advising

    • Correspondence informing students about admission requirements, such as, transcripts and test scores needed to complete their files, registration deadlines, payment reminders, explanation for award letters, any missing documents or other issues that could cause financial aid delays

    • Work closely with enrollment recruiters to ensure prospective applicants have thorough understanding of the financial aid process, walking students and families through completing the FAFSA, completing documents and accepting aid

    • Appointment setting for admissions events and individual appointments for counselors

    • Re-enrollment /engagement campaigns for dropped students and retention specific activities to drive students to campus to re-enroll

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