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    Too Much Work And Not Enough Qualified Staff?

    College financial aid offices across the country are experiencing a severe shortage of qualified staff and this is not expected to resolve itself any time soon. The current market for qualified financial aid candidates is incredibly competitive, so it’s more important than ever to offer additional support to your financial aid departments to prevent unnecessary burnout.

    For colleges that are geographically challenged or isolated, it can be even more difficult to hire, train and retain these candidates. FA Solutions can help! Some institutions prefer not to outsource financial aid operations entirely, so we began offering a “Co-Sourced” financial aid staffing model.

    These institutions still retain care, custody, and control of their financial aid department. However, they benefit by “Co-Sourcing” with a partner firm such as FA Solutions, to help fill in the gaps, and provide complete redundancy of coverage within the financial aid department. Imagine having staff that never called in sick, went on vacation, or resigned.  The FA Solutions redundancy of coverage solution provides just that.

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    FA Solutions Provides Short And Long Term Remote Staffing For Each Of The Following Areas

    What We Do

    • Financial Aid Director

    • Financial Aid processing and verification

    • R2T4 processing

    • Title IV reconciliation

    • We offer the option to process all financial aid populations or a subset (adult/online).

    • We are flexible: We can process aid within various calendars such as SAY, BBAY, Non-term, etc.

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