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Improving and streamlining operational efficiencies

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    Our Consulting Services Are Focused Towards:

    • Improving and streamlining operational efficiencies

    • Review of files processed in-house to identify patterns of errors

    • Assist with responding to regulatory reviews and audits

    • Return to Title IV

    • Policies and procedures maintenance

    • Consulting & Quick Launch Services

    In addition to the above, we assist Financial Aid Administrators with:

    Random or full file reviews of financial aid files processed. If inaccuracies or discrepancies are identified, recommendations for corrections are provided as a training tool.

    This in-depth and proactive evaluation will not only identify causes of processing inefficiencies and potential regulatory liabilities, but it will also provide a written improvement plan that will include specific corrective actions to improve workflow and file processing time, potentially mitigating regulatory liabilities. We can also be engaged to provide assistance with implementing the improvement plan.

    It is highly recommended that schools request the assessment well in advance of any serious concerns to allow ample time to make any adjustments or corrections prior to a request from the Department of Education for an official audit.

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