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    Mentorship for Your New Financial Aid Leadership

    The candidate pool of experienced financial aid directors is incredibly competitive and because of this, many schools are appointing less experienced people to fill these very important roles. Unless there’s proper guidance and mentorship, this can place the school at risk for potential financial exposure and places an enormous pressure onto the new director to administer the complex and constantly changing regulatory environment.

    Many experts agree that it often takes 6 to 10 years of experience to gain the knowledge needed to effectively and compliantly administer Title IV programs and therefore, some form of mentorship is often required.

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    For a reasonable monthly fee, FA Solutions will provide access to their team of financial aid directors and compliance personnel, day-to-day guidance and mentorship support. This allows your new director to be fully mentored and trained until their knowledge base and comfort level allow them to confidently stand on their own two feet with regulatory and operational requirements. The FA Solutions mentorship program helps to prevent burnout and the constant turnover in the financial aid leadership.

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