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  • Knowledgeable Staff – We commit to providing experienced staff who not only understand financial aid, they also embrace our mission to keep your students moving smoothly through the financial aid process.

  • Efficient Processing – We offer an extremely competitive file processing turnaround of 48 – 72 hours for most standard applications and a bit longer for students that have been selected for verification.

  • We’re Flexible – We proudly serve many different types of colleges including for profit, not for profit, faith-based, online, career and technical, and public institutions. We process aid within various calendars including, standard academic year (SAY), non-standard, and non-term (credit and clock hour).

  • Friendly and Fun – We believe relationships are everything. We engage with our partnering colleges by opening up every possible means of communication including phone, email, instant chat, and even video conferencing when needed. We believe when two parties are significantly engaged throughout the day and share in the same mission, the tasks can become fun and lead to building strong bonds.

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    Third Party Financial Aid Servicing

    Successful financial aid processing is challenging and requires a significant amount of work and expertise to do correctly. For us, this type of work is a calling. Our ultimate goal is to improve process for the school which enhances the experience for the student.

    We realize that any delay in processing can jeopardize a successful enrollment so, we work diligently to make the process as expeditious and seamless as possible, building relationships with our partnering schools and working as an extension of the school, not just a vendor.

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    Financial Aid Staffing

    College financial aid offices across the country are experiencing a severe shortage of staff and the current market for qualified financial aid candidates is incredibly competitive. To prevent unnecessary staff burnout, it’s more important than ever to offer additional support to your financial aid team. We provide remote staffing services and on-site support if required. Our model is unique in that it provides complete redundancy of coverage so that service never misses a beat due to unforeseen staffing vacancies for most any position in the financial aid department.

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    Student Experience Center

    FA Solutions’ Student Experience Center (SEC) provides student services support which can include financial aid counseling, admissions assistance, and retention efforts. This team consists of financial aid and student services professionals who work as an extension of our school partners to provide high level, easy to reach, contact support for your students.

    The SEC mission is to empower our school partners to have uninterrupted focus on the critical aspects of financial aid packaging, awarding, and verification that ensure that all students are served timely throughout the year, especially during peak processing when students typically experience the most significant delays.

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    Financial Aid Consulting and Mentorship

    Financial aid consulting should not be an intimidating service. We genuinely engage with a school as a partner in financial aid compliance to help ensure institutions are aware of and keeping current with new regulations and best practices. Our job is to identify if any deficiencies exist and help the college develop and implement a plan for resolution.

    The candidate pool of experienced financial aid directors is incredibly competitive and because of this, many schools are appointing less experienced people to fill these very important roles. Unless there’s proper guidance and mentorship, this can place the school at risk for potential financial exposure and places an enormous pressure onto the new director to administer the complex and constantly changing regulatory environment.

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