For a College or any higher education institution to effectively serve their students, a consistent revenue flow is essential. A steady and predictable revenue stream requires a financial aid provider that is dependable and responsive. It requires that a provider thinks and behaves like a genuine partner.

This is exactly what you can expect from FA Solutions – and more.

Many of our team members have held senior leadership positions in financial aid departments at schools of all sizes and types prior to joining FA Solutions. They know first-hand the consequences of partnering with a financial aid provider that isn’t as invested in the process as the school. Financial aid may not be processed in a timely manner, or when issues arise, getting someone on the phone can be difficult at best.  The added administrative burden and potential financial risk are simply too high to settle for mediocrity.

We pledge to be better than that. We strive to be the best! Our staff understands and embraces that our mission is to keep your students moving smoothly through the financial aid process.

  • Being an exceptional financial aid partner starts with experienced financial aid staff, resulting in efficient and compliant processing of Title IV aid. Our leadership team has an average of 20 plus years of experience in financial aid leadership positions in all types of post-secondary institutions.
  • When issues arise getting them corrected in a timely manner is critical to keeping your students and the business office happy. Our service staff can be reached by phone, e-mail, or instant online chat, depending on your immediate needs, and they are trained and authorized to address almost any issue as quickly as possible.
  • We offer an extremely competitive file processing turnaround of 48 – 72 hours for most standard applications and a bit longer for students that have been selected for verification.
  • Our staff has experience with the most popular platforms including: CampusVue, PeopleSoft, Regent 8, Empower, Ellucian Suite of products, and PowerFaids.
  • We offer the option to process all financial aid populations or a subset (adult/online).
  • We are flexible: We can process aid within various calendars such as SAY, BBAY, Non-term, etc.

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