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    Is Your Financial Aid Team Well-Qualified, But Overwhelmed With Work?

    Financial aid processing is a time-consuming and often complex task. FA Solutions offers a co-sourced staffing model to provide schools with support in key areas by providing dedicated and experienced staff to work alongside your team remotely. This allows FA Solutions to help schools optimize their operations, reduce administrative burden, and improve the overall financial aid experience for students.

    Not all schools need to outsource all of their financial aid operations, however, many schools are experiencing consistent vacancies or absences in their financial aid department. FA Solutions can be engaged to fill individual or multiple positions for the school long term, providing complete redundancy of coverage, even during peak periods. Some of the positions we are consistently engaged for include, but are not limited to the following:

    What We Do

    • Packaging and awarding

    • Verification

    • Financial aid advising

    • Interim financial aid director

    • Assistant financial aid director

    • Quality assurance (auditing of file processing in-house to ensure compliance)

    • Title IV reconciliation

    • Title IV regulatory and operational consulting

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