Student Experience Center

Our Student Experience Center (SEC) Solution mirrors the culture of our school partners to provide seamless and comprehensive support around one or more of the following: Financial Aid, Admissions, and Retention efforts. Our integrated team adeptly provides engagement support for prospective and/or enrolled students by professionally handling phone/email inquiries in the same manner that the school would.The SEC mission is to empower our school partners to focus on the critical aspects of successfully meeting the needs of their prospective and/or enrolled students by providing services that ensure all students are served during peak processing and/or throughout the academic year.


Third-Party Processing Partnership

Whether you are evaluating a third party provider for the first time or currently use a third-party processor, FA Solutions will work with you to significantly improve your financial aid processing and to help you remain current with regulations.  We’ll also assign a team to assist you every day, every hour. Our full-service model provides services to universities, colleges, cosmetology, beauty, barber, trade and technical and on-line institutions.


Co-Sourced Partnership

Our co-sourced partnership was launched based on client requests for specific assistance in specialists including remote staffing, file reviews, title IV consulting, BBAY or other department specific needs. You retain care, custody and control and use FA Solutions as experts to fill in service gaps. We can even fill in for employees on leave, transition or retiring while you find the perfect replacement.


Financial Aid Staffing Support

Our staff can help fill financial aid department staffing needs on a short or long-term basis due to any unplanned vacancies or absences. Most of these positions can be filled remotely, however, in the unique situation that the school needs replacement staff on-site, we can typically accommodate that as well. With their specialized knowledge, our qualified staff can easily step in to assist your office with almost any type of financial aid operation from basic financial aid processing through financial aid director level support.


Consulting and Training

FA Solutions consultants can conduct an audit of your institution’s financial aid operation by looking at policies and procedures, workflow design, staffing and the use of information technology. They can also provide a comprehensive evaluation of your institution’s compliance with federal, state and institutional financial aid regulation, and provide specialized training in the following areas: financial aid processing, awarding, and verification training. Let us work alongside you to help maximize your financial aid office’s efficiency so that you can save time, reduce errors and streamline administrative tasks.


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