Is your financial aid team well-qualified, but overwhelmed with work?

D-Photo-PeopleArmsFoldFinancial aid processing is a time-consuming and often complex task. FA Solutions offers a co-sourced staffing model to provide schools with support in key areas by providing dedicated and expert staff to work alongside your team. This allows FA Solutions to help schools optimize their operations, reduce administrative burden, and improve the overall financial aid experience for students.

Our staff can provide assistance with one or more of these services:

  • Financial Aid Compliance
  • Financial Aid Processing and Verification (on your system)
  • Financial Aid Processing for Non Traditional Students
  • Financial Aid Processing for BBAY Students
  • R2T4 Processing
  • Title IV Reconciliation
  • Remote Staffing
  • Replacement Staffing
  • Backfill for Staff Retirement
  • Friendly File Reviews
  • Title IV Consulting

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