By Patrick Verda,

The Student Experience Center (SEC) at FA Solutions LLC provides educational institutions with access to  financial aid resources. This includes a team of industry experts in financial aid, student accounts,  admissions, and outreach efforts. This program allows your team to focus on the critical aspects of their  jobs. The student experience center team helps by minimizing interruptions of student inquiries via  phone and email by being the first line contact for most inquiries. 

Here’s five of the most common best practices for using the SEC. 

  1. Monitor the financial aid department phone. Many schools are short the necessary resources  to provide prompt and efficient call-backs from student inquiries. With help from the SEC, your  department can be confident that all inquiries are qualified, documented, and responded  quickly. If a student correspondence requires escalation, the SEC team will forward to your  current staff as directed. 
  2. Monitor the financial aid department email inbox. We’ve all experienced getting behind on  responding to student inquires received into the department’s email account. Some schools  haven’t responded to student inquiries in weeks! The SEC team includes financial aid industry  experts to act as a front-line to student questions including FASFA, general aid, and progress.  When necessary, the team will forward requests among your team for leadership attention. 
  3. Contact students regarding incomplete paperwork. When your team needs to reach or remind  students about the appropriate forms necessary for aid, the SEC team is willing and able to  make outreach on your behalf. 
  4. Contact students regarding FASFA support. Most students have questions about the FASFA,  and the SEC team will help to resolve these questions on your behalf.  
  5. Contact admissions leads. The SEC team will contact your students to gauge interest in  attending, invite to events, or help with qualifying.  

Of course, this list could be much longer as no two schools are alike. So let the experts in the Student  Experience Center boost your outreach efforts. Contact us today to explore options. Get FA Solutions.