The process of getting through the application, awarding, and verification can be daunting for any Financial Aid Office. Handling multiple projects and preparing relevant reports is challenging and hard to manage the process. Financial aid outsourcing can assist you with all aspects of the financial aid administration. With outsourcing companies, the file reviewing, awarding, and verification process has become easily manageable.

From cash management to Enrollment Confirmation Reporting, GetFAsolutions Financial Aid Services provides solutions for all fiscal procedures. With our extensive experience and administration knowledge, we ensure maximum funding and regulatory compliance to your Financial Aid Office. 

Financial Aid Consultants

The consultants at GetFAsolutions work to bring optimized solutions to the financial aid process. To ensure student retention and success, we optimize and robust the student scholarship and financial aid programs. The optimization of the financial aid process plays a vital role in today’s higher education environment. With increasing college education costs, it has become difficult for families to manage fees. Due to this pressure, students have to find ways to afford a college education without creating financial burdens. 

With timely awarding of scholarships, the decision-making process becomes easier for students. They can continue their studies by managing their college expenses with financial aid programs. A good financial aid consultant will help you ensure that a college education is within reach of your family budget. Our expert financial aid consultants use their knowledge and expertise to make the process hassle-free for you. They will stand by you through the whole process, and their experience can make a great difference in workload. 

The consultants at GetFAsolutions have spent years in the higher education financial aid field. The compliance expert consultants can help schools in staying compliant with complex regulations. They know how to handle a project of a specific type. Our consultants are highly proficient in handling all the financial aid management systems, including:

  • Banner
  • Datatel
  • PeopleSoft
  • PowerFAIDS
  • Department of Education software

To ensure that assessment is the complaint, a Financial Aid Consultant reviews the findings of external audit reports from the A133 single audit. The Consulting Director will use his extensive expertise to do a proper analysis and provide sustainable recommendations. To address your specific and individual financial aid concerns, our experts will provide expert advice. For any training and staffing configurations or financial aid system atomization and optimization, GetFAsolutions can assist you in compliance. We offer expertise, compliance knowledge, and extensive experience to assist your institution in every business process assessment.

On-Site and Remote Financial Aid Assistance

Whether you need a long term or short term basis remote or on-site interim placement staffing, we can help. During transitional periods, our team of qualified consultants will provide you with helpful assistance. No matter if you need help in augmenting your permanent staff or departing staff members, we are here to help. Many satisfied clients relied on us to assist them. With our assistance in keeping them fully staffed, they continue providing high-level services to their students. 

The expert assistants have spent decades in the education and financial aid consulting fields. They’ve worked in all aspects of higher education and financial aid administration. Our assistants are available for both on-site and remote meetings. You can rely on us for some heavy lifting to help you reduce stress and meet deadlines. Along with reducing pressure from your staff, we’ll make sure that the students and families are satisfied with your services.

Financial Aid Staffing

  • Temporary staffing for higher education financial aid offices, from counselor to director levels.
  • Highest processing assistance, such as file review, verification, Pell and Direct Loan origination and disbursement and settlement.
  • From technology implementation to compliance reviews, all special projects.

File Review and Processing Services

The student’s file will decide if he is eligible for federal financial aid or not. We perform a complete file review to ensure maximum assistance of clients. For every project, we request a sample of files, a list of required documents, and a copy of the school’s catalog. While reviewing a file, we take the requirements and policies of the school into consideration. In this review, the eligibility, awards, verification documents, credit balances, and any possible refunds will be analyzed. One of our senior consultation staff members will review the file and documents to ensure expert appraisal. 

After completing the review, we communicate the outcomes to clients and suggest improvements to maintain federal regulations compliance. From expert consultation to a fully customizable remote verification service, we can help. GetFAsolutions has provided necessary support to colleges, universities, and proprietary schools. We help schools in the following ways:

  • File Review
  • In both FM & IM Analysis
  • Verification
  • State Grant Processing
  • Awarding & Packaging
  • Pell Grant Processing
  • Entrance and Exit Counseling
  • C Flag Resolution (Enrollment History too)
  • Professional Judgment
  • Satisfactory Academic Progress (SAP)
  • Reconciliation
  • ISIR Data loads
  • Financial Aid Appeals
  • Direct Loan Processing
  • Certification of Private Loan and Scholarship 
  • Calculation of Return to Title IV Funds (R2T4) 
  • In the management of reporting requirements such as FISAP, NCAA, and various State reports

Contact Us for Expert Financial Aid Processing Services

Since its inception, GetFAsolutions has an intensive focus on an efficient and technically advanced financial aid processing model. We’ve managed the files of many students and help them maintain full compliance with federal regulations. From all segments of higher education, we’re continuously improving the financial aid process of institutions. All of our owners and leaders have their background in higher education. We are well-familiar with the expectations of students and the needs of college leadership. Our consultants and assistants understand the demands of the current economic environment. We help students to take the long-term benefits of low-cost and best practice financial aid administration models. 

Many colleges and universities collaborate to leverage our experts, processes, and technological approach to financial aid administration. After this strategic choice, clients can focus resources on their core strengths. These core strengths can be student access, curriculum, faculty, and student service. Our commitment to excellence in administrative competence helps customers streamline the process by reducing administrative costs and seasonal hiring needs.